Green Kids A charity focused on children and the environment

Planet Earth is our home, and at Green Kids, our aim is to teach children about the importance of protecting it. Sadly, us grownups are not doing a very good job of looking after it, so at Green Kids, we believe it is up to the children of today, to save our world tomorrow.

We have made it our mission to teach children everything they need to know about our symbiotic relationship with the environment, and all the animals and plants that coexist within it.

Although we promote learning in the classroom and at home, we believe that the best way to educate children about the environment is to take them out into the great outdoors, so they can see for themselves how our global ecological system works. This is because at Green Kids, we believe that enjoying the environment goes hand-in-hand with preserving it.

It saddens us to see how mankind is hurting Mother Nature. Just take Dashni’s homeland, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is a part of the world steeped in natural beauty, with its ice-capped mountains, grand valleys and serene lakes. However, environmental abuse and negligence over the years has meant that the region’s eco-system is under threat.

In fact, it was because of this problem that Green Kids came about. Today however, Green Kids aims to take a more global perspective on its mission, trying to encourage and inspire grownups all over the world, to teach children about the benefits of living in a healthy environment.

Green Kids managed to reach and support many schools, and many children over the last few years in the Kurdistan Region, and along the way we have learnt many valuable lessons. None more so, than the realisation that not all children have access to education, let alone environmental education.

Subsequently, Green Kids also made it its mission to provide support to children in poverty, including child refugees, so that they are able to attend school, and with that get the opportunities that would have otherwise been denied to them.

All children deserve a chance. All children are Green Kids.

Female Voices of the World

We all have a story to tell, but not all of us have a voice to tell it. Female Voices of the World is about giving a voice to as many women around the world as possible, so we can share stories, and learn from each other. We can take lessons from each other’s mistakes and successes alike. Together we are stronger.



Yazidi Girls A campaign for survival and justice

The 3 rd of August 2014 was a dark, dark day for humanity. It was the day that the so-called Islamic State captured Sinjar, an isolated town in the northwest of Iraq. Many souls perished that day, and many more were taken prisoner, the majority of whom were of the ancient Yazidi religion.

Amongst them, young and innocent girls, taken as slaves. Many have since been killed, or even taken their own lives. To this day, hundreds, maybe thousands, still remain prisoner. This we cannot forget or accept, nor can we rest until all of our Yazidi Girls are safely back where they belong.

In partnership with Kash&Dash and other organisations, Dashni plans to raise money and awareness in support of the Yazidis and other minorities who have suffered at the hands of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq.

In September 2014, and in collaboration with Mala Ezidi Kalkar, Dashni gathered 30 tons of aid in the Netherlands, which was trucked to the Kurdistan Region, and distributed to the the refugees.

Another Me A documentary across space and time

At the age of eleven, Dashni left her home city of Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, as her parents decided to search for a new life in the Netherlands. Often feeling like an outsider, Dashni spent the next few years growing into a shy teenager, interested mostly in cartoons and playing football. Eventually integrating into her life in the small town of Didam, Dashni soon blossomed into a young woman with drive and ambition.

She dreamt of being a popstar and having her own TV shows, and with her natural talent and striking beauty, doors soon opened for her– nowhere more so than in her homeland of Kurdistan, which little did she know, would catapult her to superstardom within the region.

At the time she wasn’t sure whether it was the right choice, as there were many other opportunities open to her in the Netherlands. However she took the opportunity and started the show “Be Kontrol”, and now ten years later, she’s at a crossroads in her life off the back of a turbulent journey of ups and downs in Kurdistan.

At times it was beautiful, but as well at times it was unforgiving and lonely. It soon became apparent that Kurdistan wasn’t so warm and welcoming, and a dark and evil blood began to run through the veins of the music and entertainment industry.

Dashni soon understood that her society, as sectarian tolerant as it was, vehemently opposed equality between men and women. And she was one of its first public victims. So ten years on, and having introduced modern female pop music to Kurdistan, she asks herself “was it all worth it?”

Furthermore, she often wonders what life would have been like, had she stayed in the Netherlands? Or even still, had she stayed in Kurdistan?

This is a story set across space and time, which through her fight for women’s rights, explores not only her destiny, but also the great nature versus nurture question that has plagued man and woman since philosophical thought began.

Spring 2017

kash&Dash A designer label with purpose

Dashni and her sister Kashma established Kash&Dash in 2012, in the Netherlands. To them, clothing is about more than just the way you look. What you wear represents who you are as a person, and every outfit you were is a statement.

With Kash&Dash, less is more, and its designs are mostly minimal, current and powerful. They are passionate about their clothes and the environment is which they exist, and have managed to develop a formula for organic clothing that reflects the ever-changing nature of the world.

Kash&Dash is more than just a label. It is, fundamentally, a community of like-minded people, who share similar beliefs and hopes for a better world. In that same spirit, it is part of Kash&Dash’s policy to contribute part of its income to charity each year.

Kash&Dash – Coming soon

Plu & Her Morning Orbit

The story of the “Be Free” music video is a metaphor for Dashni’s real life experiences. In the short film, Dashni is characterised by her alter-ego, a little girl called Plu. The story begins with Plu feeling unhappy, with a feeling deep down that something is missing from her life. One night, unable to sleep, a mysterious space ship lands outside her house. Knowing her destiny lies with the ship, she gets on board, and begins her great adventure.

Joined by Orbit, a floating spherical creature that protects her with magic, and her teddy bear, Patrick, whom Orbit brings to life, she soon realises that she is not a normal girl, and that she may hold the fate of the universe in her little hands.

A book? A cartoon series? A Movie? Watch this space.